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What is Dayprise?

Dayprise is the first Application where 
you can send videos that will be blocked 
for the desired time and unblocked on the 
day of the event.
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Our Fresh Features
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Dayprise automatically creates a “BIRTHDAY” event each year for all users of the platform.

For that purpose, each of your friends, your family, or simply a user of the platform will have 1 year to surprise you in a video or in a Photo + Audio montage. All the videos of your birthday will be blocked for 1 year and then unblocked on your birthday.

Post Advance

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Do you want to post an important video for your friends or loved ones in order to have it discovered in the years to come 2022 or 2030 ?

Just specify the year, then send us your video or montage, and we will take care of the rest.

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Post Random and
Watch Random

With a Single Click you can choose POST RANDOM or WATCH RANDOM

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Share , Like , Follow whatever you like with your friends and family

Too many Filters are available (V.I.P Member - Country – Popularity - Gender – Age )

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Discover a multitude of cultures & events around the world

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Come and discover our 2 additional options that make Dayprise a UNIQUE social network and a next-generation application.

POST RANDOM: All events that are not yet available and Dayprise’s public accounts will be in this category and will be randomly organized, you can choose to post videos for birthdays of unknown people or choose from a multitude of events or HASHTAGS.

WATCH RANDOM: Here you will find all the completed and available public events, just grab your popcorns and watch all the videos of events, birthdays or HASHTAGS from all over the world.

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- Social network dedicated to Birthday & Event

The only social network dedicated to birthdays.

Dayprise is the first Application where you can send videos that will be blocked for the desired time  and unblocked on the day of the event.

More than 10K+ Amazing
Users using this App to
Surprise their friends

Invite your friends and family to join the DAYPRISE adventure for the ultimate experience.

Don't forget that the application is completely free and will remain so forever.​

So LET'S GO!!!

To join us, simply Download Dayprise quickly from the Apple Store or Play Store.

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