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What is Dayprise?


Here we are, what is Dayprise?

DAYPRISE is a unique application in the world which gives real emotions and a meaning to the word social network based on time, where each event rhymes with a unique experience, it goes through a birthday every year, but also, for certain a marriage, graduation, outings with friends, a new job...

To sum it all up, with DAYPRISE you can create and share all the moments of a lifetime, via events that will be blocked and unblock over time.

Let’s take an example with the Birthday case :

Let’s imagine that you celebrate your Birthday on June 21 2023. DAYPRISE creates an Event (BIRTHDAY) on your account.

Then your Birthday goes in 2 stages.

Step 1- NOT AVAILABLE: This step is before your birthday: during which all your friends or platform users of the platform can send you videos for your birthday on this event.

This is where DAYPRISE comes in, we store each video you have received and we block them until your birthday.

Step 2- Available: This step is on your birthday, DAYPRISE unlocks all the videos you have received and you can watch them, share them with your friends or with the DAYPRISE community.

Simply, DAYPRISE is there to block content in time and unblock it on the day of the event.

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- Personal Profiles

You have a personal profile on which you can describe yourself, share your events, your friend’s events and much more.

- Video

This is the heart of our Application, because thanks to it, you will be able to surprise your friends and family.

Each user can create and send 1 video per event (1minute max).

- Montage

On Dayprise we have a technology with which you can create videos, just by selecting one or more photos with music or a personal recording.

- Like

On DAYPRISE you can show your interest in an event or a video of an event by clicking in the button LIKE.

- Share

You can also SHARE a video or event which is close to your heart and the exploits of your friends and family.


- Follow

On DAYPRISE you have a FOLLOW button which allow you to follow an unavailable event.

- Filters

Thanks to the filters you will be able to more easily find the events that suit you in (POST RANDOM & WATCH RANDOM).


- Notification

We use a very light notification system to avoid disturbing you for no reason, however, be the first to know when an event is available or if you are invited to attend a private party or if you simply have a friend request, or your mom likes your video ;).


On DAYPRISE we made it simple to make your life easier.


There are only 2 possible options (Public or Private)

- Your Account:

Ø Public

Each account that is created on DAYPRISE is automatically Public, which allows it to access the full functionality of DAYPRISE and your profile is accessible and viewable by all users.

If you have a Public account, you also appear in the options (POST RANDOM & WATCH RANDOM) for the event of your birthday.

Ø Private

Conversely, if you decide to have a private account nothing could be simpler, go to the settings and go into private mode.

You will then have a hidden profile from the other members and you will no longer appear in the options (POST RANDOM & WATCH RANDOM).

However, you can still use these options:


- Event

Each event created on DAYPRISE has its own confidentiality, that is to say that you can have a private account but create a public event.

Also, you can have a public account but create private events.

Ø Public

If an event is Public, it is accessible to all users of the platform, this means that all users of the platform can participate and view the videos when the event is available.

Public events also appear in (POST RANDOM & WATCH RANDOM).

Ø Private

If you create a Private event, only the people you have invited will be able to participate and view the videos of this event when it is available.

Private events do not appear in the option (POST RANDOM & WATCH RANDOM).


You can change the confidentiality of an event or your account at any time.


For the Birthday we take care of everything, our super servers automatically create the Birthday event every year for each user and we even take care of reminding your friends, go to the profile or simply in the newsfeed situated at the top of the page.

How does it work? it's very easy.

To wish your friends or family a birthday greeting by sending them a video, or if you want your friends to send you a video for your birthday, simply go to their profiles (they must have downloaded the app and have an account) and click on the birthday icon on their profiles and send your video.

It will therefore be unlocked on their birthday.

Here is an example :


Each user of the platform can create as many events as they want in less than 30 seconds through different options.

Ø Event for one or more friends/family

You can create an event of your choice for a friend/family or several friends/families.

Ø HASHTAG events

You can also create an event based on one or more HASHTAGS.

Each HASHTAG events will directly integrate the options (POST RANDOM & WATCH RANDOM).

Ø Events for yourself

You can even create events for which you are the recipient.

Then let your friends and the community participate in your events and discover surprises the day they are available.


Do you want to discover and participate in events around the world, with your videos?

POST RANDOM is there for that:

In this option, we have gathered the 3 main categories of our application.

- Event

All the events that will be PUBLIC and that will not be available yet will appear here randomly, so if you feel like participating  in all DAYPRISE'S Public events, you will be able to do so. 

- Birthday

For all PUBLIC accounts only whose birthday hasn't passed yet will appear here, this will allow anyone on the platform to prepare a video for your birthday even if they don't know you, Yes even someone 11,000km away from you can think of you.


We consider that each event created in the basis of a HASHTAG is PUBLIC, so as long as the event is not available, you can participate here.

To summarize : POST RANDOM is the place where we can find all PUBLIC events that are not yet available.


 ( This is where the videos are sent )


Do you want to discover and see all the videos & events available from all over the world? It is here.

WATCH RANDOM is there for that.

In this option, we have gathered the 3 main categories of our application.

- Event

All events that will be PUBLIC and available will appear here randomly so you can see and view all the videos.


- Birthday

All PUBLIC only accounts only that have passed their birthday will appear here, so it's time to watch the full birthday video for each member. Even if they don't know you, yes, yes even someone on the other side of the world may find your birthday very interesting.



All HASHTAG events that will be available will appear in this category, take your popcorns and watch all the videos of your favorite themes.

To summarise: WATCH RANDOM is the category where we find all the PUBLIC events available this time.


(This is where we view all the available videos)


Yes, DAYPRISE is an application that stores your videos and unlocks them in the near future, but how about wishing a birthday to someone you love but this time in 40 years? 

This option is made for you, with your friends or family you will be able to post videos in the distant future even very far away,


" On your dates, ready? Send ! "


There are verified accounts on DAYPRISE, these accounts are intended for public users or for users with high traffic in the application.

You can easily identify them because they have the DAYPRISE logo in GOLD with a VIP under the logo on their profile photo.

If you are a public figure already recognized among several platforms, and you would like a premium account, we invite you to contact us directly at the following address: or click HERE.

You can also become a premium member of DAYPRISE, you just need to create regular content on the platform and generate enough traffic monthly and you will automatically receive premium certification.


Each account has its own Memories option, this is where you can view all of your memories in DAYPRISE.


Each account has its own Calendar of events. It is personalized according to your follow-ups and your friends. This is where you can view past and future events.


It is in this category that you will be able to manage all of your events and videos, but also events that are intended for you.



If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy, I invite you to contact us directly by email at the following address: .

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